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Ethan Bevan

Ethan Bevan

About The Agency

Bevan Digital Web Design

is an established digital agency based in
Melbourne, Australia.

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I build websites and digital experiences
that sell and engage customers.

Along with the fastest turn around time for projects
and unmatched pricing within the industry.

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What I Do.

My digital agency has a top priority on increasing our clients revenue.
This is achieved through our three step process:

Website Creation and Development

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to building a website. We create high converting and well designed websites to suit a range of industries and niches. Our website development is completed using the latest tools and platforms designed not only to make things easier for the end user but also allows scalability as the website grows to even millions of dollars in revenue.

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Shopify Experts

I am a shopify developer of 3 + years working with the platform. From developing and working with well known name brands right through to small business owners and even selling my own product on the shopify platform. I know what it takes to create a high quality and high converting ecommerce website. Custom features, scalability, online business solutions, and a professional design is just some of the areas I focus on.

Growth Strategy / Digital Marketing

Once your platform is ready to go we help grow your business with a digital roadmap for growth tailored specifically to your company, as well as the setup of cutting edge digital marketing techniques to grow your business.

1) We create highly modern and functional Websites built specifically to your needs

2) We create tailored digital marketing campaigns and use the latest cutting edge techniques to drive high volume traffic to your online store or social media pages

3) We incentivise your current audiences and traffic to partake in events, giveaways and and other techniques to increase engagement and overall sales.

4) We offer 24/7 around the clock support to ensure your store and campaigns are running smoothly at all times.

5) Lastly we build personalised digital business strategies to help our clients navigate this ever changing environment, in order to acheive long term and sustained growth


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