Calls to Action In Ecommerce Web Design.

Most customers come to a website to find something, make sure the first thing they see answers this.

"A call to action on a website is providing a button or link that encourages users to stop reading and take action."

Don't just use the basic “Learn More” button, really tie this call to action to your business goals.

For example:

“See our best seller”

“buy now”

“book now”

“download free”

This makes it easy and obvious to the user as to what you want them to do.

It needs to be the very first thing you see on a website:

Worst case scenario...

Often websites provide some text and images and you're left feeling confused as to what to do next as a potential customer.

You scroll to the bottom to find no contact form or social media links. Scroll back to the top to see the first slide of the main home page has no text or button to go anywhere.

You go to checkout the navigation to see 15 different links that don't help reduce the confusion you're feeling.

Example of a terrible website:

After this, you leave the website only to find a more simple company that clearly directs you to what they offer with a clear call to action.
Sadly this scenario is far too common for online businesses and they wonder why they have a high bounce rate and low conversion rate.

Bounce Rate:

"Bounce rate indicates how many users left within the first few seconds of landing on your website."

If this percentage is high it means your website likely didn't indicate to them that your site is what they were looking for.
Hence why if you state what you can offer straight off the bat, customers are more likely to stay.

Conversion Rate:

"Conversion rate is the percentage of people who land on your website vs the amount that purchased from you."

If this number is extremely low 0-1% then it means the ability to navigate to purchasing from start to finish is not seamless and not well structured.
Some website related factors that cause a low conversion rate can include difficult navigation, it's hard to find the product they're looking for, too many pages in order to hit the product page, slow loading speed or no social proof.

Tips to improve this:

- Create a nav menu with no more than 5 items. 
- Outstanding filtering system, to allow customers to find the product they desire quickly on the collection page.

- Add to cart bottom that appears when hovering over the product on the collection page, which allows them to skip the product page process entirely. 

- Optimize your images to reduce page loading speed. 

- Add testimonials, instagram comments, reviews or anything to show social proof. 
Once you nail all these different segments with your website and still arent seeing results, then you can narrow it down to more business-related issues. Possibly having your prices too high or not providing free shipping. Which by the way is the number one reason shoppers abandon their cart and choose not to shop with you.

This all, however, all tied back to the first point of having a simple call to action at the very start of your website. Get this right and see lower bounce rates, higher conversions and more satisfied customers.

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