Content Marketing is King

"Content Marketing is 62% cheaper than outbound marketing, yet it can generate up to 3X more leads and results."

The problem is content marketing takes effort and time to develop.

However, it's far less expensive in the long term than paying for advertising constantly.

For those that don't know: Content strategy refers to the management of pretty much any tangible media that you create and own: written, visual, downloadable ... you name it. It is the creation of blog content, videos, Instagram posts etc. 

It is the piece of your marketing plan that continuously demonstrates who you are and the expertise you bring to your industry.

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Generally speaking, only a small percentage of your potential customers are ready to buy what you have to offer. The rest are looking to be persuaded, educated and informed. Your content marketing strategy needs to cater to 4 different groups of people. 

1. The 3% are looking to purchase right away. These people are both hard to find and unlikely to generate enough sales for your business. 

- These people just need content that tells them where to buy. 

For Example:
"Looking to Hire a Digital Agency? Click the link to contact us today"

2. The other 30% are looking to be educated about your product or service and may already be looking but not convinced. 

- These people need blog posts and content that helps educate around what your service can offer. A display of benefits. 

"Sign up for Free Guide to Facebook advertising, backed by our digital agency and used on countless other successful small businesses. Facebook advertising can help your business build brand awareness and gain hyper targeted leads" 

3. The other 33% are aware of the problem but need convincing that they should take action. 

- These people need content explaining to them the problem in more detail and reasons why educating themselves and using your service will help solve their issue. 

For example:
"You may have started some digital marketing to gain clients, but you're doing it wrong. Hire an expert to gain real results. In this case study, they found that using a digital agency provided much higher ROI then any business owner could yield by doing it themselves." 

4. This 33% are completely unaware they even have a problem. 

- This group of people need content that explains to them how their competitors are getting ahead and what the problem is. You will then proceed to show them what the solution looks like in action. 

For example:
- "Your business still uses yellow pages to advertise, which is completely outdated and why your competitors are flying ahead. Use digital marketing to make your marketing effective in 2019." 

Breaking your content down into these 4 areas is crucial to getting your strategy right. Once you understand this you can start to easily think of content ideas around these 4 stages of the customer buying journey. 

Once this is understood you can turn this into creative content. 

To choose what type of content you must think about what your audience is looking for. People shopping for clothes are looking for imagery of people wearing clothes, people looking for a service based business are looking on google mainly to be educated around that topic. 

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Using tools like Canva is a perfect way to make simple graphics and content for your blog, instagram, youtube thumbnails etc.

Something like this... can be made on a free tool like Canva in under 30 minutes.

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Its also one of my favourite tools, photoshop and illustrator are overly complicated, overpriced and outdated. Further to this, using your iPhone is all you need to get started in uploading quality imagery and video footage.

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The distribution:

We suggest you stick to one platform first and then expand your content to others from there. Master one, then expand. 

Once again, choosing the platform comes back to where your audience is hanging out the most. Think about the demographic and content they're looking for. If it's educational content then google or a blog, if it's purchasing clothes then think more Instagram and youtube. 

The last step would be to automate the process. 

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Posting on a regular basis can be extremely hard, but your audience loves consistency. They want to be engaged on a daily bases. Using a tool like buffer for automated instagram posts is key. It allows you to line up 100 posts in a row that will automatically post on your behalf. Website platforms like shopify and wordpress allow scheduled blog posts which can also be quite useful. 

Remember to adjust the content accordingly once you see what your audience is enjoying the most. 

Following these steps with great content posted on a regular basis is a sure way to have customers talking about you and eventually becoming a customer. 

Content marketing is a game that is won over time, but can generate tons of sales and leads per post once you have built up an audience.  


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