MAK Fitness New Website Launch

This last month I was proud to be a part of building the new MAK Fitness Website.

MAK Fitness is Australia's #1 Functional Facility & Supplement Warehouse. They source products from around the world to bring you Australia's best prices. They have a heavy involvement in the fitness community and are bringing a whole selection of the most popular protein, fat burners and other essential products to athletes around Australia.

I wanted to take a dive into some of the new features and improvements to the website that were made to ultimately position MAK Fitness as one of the premier fitness brands in the online retail space.

The new e-commerce store upgrades can be broken into three main parts:

1. A re-design of the MAK Fitness Shopify Theme, in terms of branding, theme colours and user-experience.

2. Adding several new features to the website which were designed and implemented to either increase usability, the retention rate of customers or the referral rates of users. 

3. An Improvement on existing functionality, in terms of page speed, filtering on collections, and mobile usability. 

Some of the stand out new features include:

- Product page redesign for simplicity and stronger focus on the discounts shown. With a facebook messenger opt in that provides 5% off to the user and then ongoing correspondence to customers through messenger for MAK fitness. 

- New Search functionality, that not only shows large images of the product to help customers find there desired items, but also can take you to a full search page with filters if more assistance is needed. 

- Email opt ins placed all over the website to encourage users to enter. Email marketing flows were implemented to retain customers and have them coming back for more than 1 purchase.

- Refer a friend marketing strategy. 

- Competition, Careers, Supplement awards were some new pages added to help MAK Fitness grow as a business.  

- New "Become a MAK ambassador" and "Wholesale" page contact forms to retain critical details for MAK fitness when collaborating with other influencers and businesses. 

Here are some before and after shots of the website, to give you a feel of the rebrand and design changes: 







This is just a small snapshot of some of these improvements made, to see the whole website in action head to

The new features serve to either grow the customer retention rate, increase sales through usability and make the marketing cohesive across all platforms. The additional features will not only look to increase sales but also help the automation and streamline of day to day business operations. 

The new platform for MAK Fitness has been a huge success and a big thank you to Dylan and the team. 




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