Shopify Meetup 2019 - Creating a Customer-Centric Experience for Ecommerce

 Shopify Meetup 2019 - Creating a Customer-Centric Experience for Ecommerce

We heard a talk from dotdigital on creating meaningful customer experiences and learnt how to deliver a seamless customer experience with Shopify. We'll also heard the success story behind Gold Coast jewellery brand YCL Jewels, as well as a range of tips from Scott from Shopify and Craig from Reload Media.

The key takeaways:

YCL jewelry:

  • Influencer marketing: target micro influencers and focus on building relationships instead of a 1 time transactions
  • Build your brand through social platforms, showing off the real brand story as you build instead of generic curated content. These platforms are still underpriced for brand building
  • Influencer marketing is better to send to people who will wear it and people who will use it and tag us. Dont pay them, send for free. Build relationships. Use micro infleuncers. 5-10K users that aren't from bots.
  • Small or big influences? small infleuncers are better nowadays. Price and following doesnt equate to eachother.
  • To get your fashion pieces on celebrities, message the stylists so they take it to them. DLM sydney who have stylists for celebrities, especially useful for fashion brands.
  • Stick with it. No ecommerce store or brand pops up overnight, continually try new things and focus on creating a brand that's keeps customers coming back.

Dot Digital:

  • Abandoned cart Email is so important. You need to offer a discount code. Recovery rates go up with retargeting on different platforms. You miss out on a huge percentage of profit if you have no abandoned cart recovery email. Nowadays it's built into shopify, but you should test the settings and design to see what works.
  • Social proof apps for shopify are key. is great for this.
  • Calculate free shipping threshold for customers in the cart, so they are convinced to add more to the cart in exchange for free shipping.
  • Map out the customer journey and see where you can target them and how to go about it. Most businesses arent segmenting their audience and targeting these groups of people accordingly. Your audience isnt all the same, split them up by age group, interest or user behaviors.
  • Engage with existing customers.

Scott from Shopify:

  • Use alt text tags on images to describe it for google, so that it can show up in search results easily.

The key question of the night:

How to get first clients/customers? if you could only choose one way/platform.

  • Dot Digital: go right to where your customers are. know who they are and what place therye at
  • Reload Media: Try what works. If it works continue it. Track results then move on. You have to try a bunch and see what works, but know your analytics. So you can choose what work's.
  • YCL jewelry: IG Instagram. for brand awareness. Cost effectively get your brand outthere and show what you are about.

The talks gave a few great tips to take home and as always is a great way to meet new people in the industry. The next one is in August and mostly on the 8th.

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